AHRS Pluto N1 네이게이션 시스템 Navigation System - 2D, 3D 모두~!!
AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System
판매가격 : 380,000 원 (부가세 미포함가)
적립금 :0
상품상태 :신상품
원산지 :중국
제조사 :DFRobot
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AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System
2D, 3D 네비게이션 솔루션 제공~!!!

AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System

AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System

AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System


이런 제품은 초소형 저가의 관성 항법시스템(AHRS)으로 지금까지 수천의 UAV과 로봇에 AheadX 네비게이션 제품이 설치되어 왔고 무인 항공기, 로봇, 수중 차량, PTZ 기능 보강 장치, 체성 감각 장비, 게임 / 영화 제작 등 다양한 높은 동적 응답에 적용될 수 있습니다.
자가 균형 스쿠터같은 UGV 2D 내비게이션 솔루션뿐만 아니라 UAV와 UUV application에 대한 3D 내비게이션 솔루션까지 제공합니다.

AheadX is aiming to create Inertial Navigation System and Attitude and Heading Reference System with high performance and reliability but smaller size and lower cost. These products could be applied in various high dynamic responses, such as UAV, robot, underwater vehicle, PTZ augmentation device, somatosensory equipment, games / film production, etc. So far, thousands of UAV and robots have been installed with AheadX navigation products.

Pluto Series is designed for geeks and robot enthusiasts. It is ultra-compact low-cost Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), not only providing 2D navigation solution for UGV such as self-balancing scooters, but also 3D navigation solution for UAV and UUV application.

Pluto N1 is compact AHRS with high performance-price ratio. The output rate of N1 reaches 200HZ maximally, integrating triaxial gyro, triaxial accelerometer, triaxial magnetic meter as well as barometric altimeter and thermometer. Inertial sensor was temperature-compensated by -10℃ to 75℃, it also provides data of barometric height and rising/falling speed besides ordinary AHRS. All the functions are integrated into a metal box dimensioned 30mm*27mm*9mm. Moreover, it is able to combine GPS/GLONASS to become GNSS/INS. Pluto provides complete solutions to either UGV or UAV.

Note: The product would be shipped five days after the order has been placed.


  • -10℃-75℃ temperature compensation
  • Besides the normal AHRS functions, Pluto also output the data of barometric height/rising or falling speed.
  • The excellent barometric altimeter anti-jamming algorithm, could solve the problems caused by the inaccurate data due to the sudden airflow disturbance
  • Flexible protocol. Users could configure the output data from Pluto
  • Provide free protocol decoding source code with the product
  • User-friendly evaluation software
  • Metal shell with high shielding property, contains two M1.6 screw holes, easy to install
  • Flexible way of installation via arbitrary angle.
  • It has been used in consumption level drones and self-balancing scooters, above 100 thousand of units have installed


  • Supply Voltage: 4-6 V
  • Power Consumption: 360 mW
  • Data Output Rate (Hz) 200Hz (adjustable)
  • I/O Interface: TTL /USB
  • Baud Rate: 115200 bps
  • Heading Angle Range: 0-360°
  • Roll Angle Range: ±180°
  • Pitch Angle Range: ±90°
  • Dynamic Pitching/Rolling Accuracy: 1°
  • Static Pitching/Rolling Accuracy: 0.5°
  • Dynamic Heading Accuracy: 2°
  • Static Heading Accuracy: 0.8°
  • Attitude Angle Resolution: 0.1°
  • Quaternion Output: Support
  • 3D Angular Rate Range: ±500 or ±2000°/sec (Optional)
  • Rising/Falling Speed Accuracy: 0.02m/s
  • 3D Acceleration Range: ±16g
  •  Barometer Height Accuracy: 0.2m
  • Fusion Height Accuracy: 0.1m
  • Temperature Compensation: -10-75 ℃
  • Weight: 10.5g
  • Dimension: 30*27*9.25 mm/1.18*1.06*0.36 inches



    • AHRS Pluto N1 Navigation System x1
    • TTL+USB connection board x1
    • Customized U Disk x1
    • Accessories Package x1

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